Logs UI pretty but useless

This is in response to https://github.blog/2020-09-23-a-better-logs-experience-with-github-actions/.

I have a big screen, and looking at CI logs is a pain because only around 1/3 of the height of my screen displays the logs. I don’t want to go into fullscreen each time, that’s annoying. Why can’t the log come into full view when I’m scrolling down so that it covers the whole website height? I don’t care about all the GitHub header elements when I’m looking at CI logs.


Hi @letmaik,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re aware of this problem on smaller screens and have plans to improve it.

Best option for now is clicking “Show full screen” from the hamburger menu.

CleanShot 2020-10-02 at 16.20.46@2x


For the record, I have a 24" screen. I wouldn’t really consider that a small screen.

I made a small mozilla format css style file to customize the new UI.
( https://gist.github.com/Hamayama/e9e3077a86e2ba16dbd0895c4a19ab09 )

It enables github actions page scroll as before.

But, it requires Google Chrome extension ‘Stylus’.

So, you might not like it …

I’m appreciated if MS fix it by themselves.

I confirmed that something enhancement was done.

Thanks to GitHub team !

I removed the workaround for scrolling of GitHub Actions page in my css style file.

( https://gist.github.com/Hamayama/e9e3077a86e2ba16dbd0895c4a19ab09 )

(But, narrowing main page width issue (75%) still exists. I feel it quite oppressive …)

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