Logs for action steps not available as action is running

I find that if I click on the link in the web page to view the progress of a workflow, I can’t see the logs of a step that have been output before I opened the page.

For example, here’s where I open a page about 5 mins after the workflow started:

I see no arrow I can click to expand the step that has been running for about 5 mins. That step outputs a log message (via echo) every 30 seconds to tell me the status of containers I’m waiting to be ready.

If I wait a few minutes, I start to see output. I’m seeing the recent every-30-seconds messages, but not the ones that happened before them:

This makes it tricky to see exactly what happened at the beginning of the workflow for workflows that get stuck.

I tried clicking “View raw logs”:


But that doesn’t work. I only see a few lines, not the complete log output of my workflow so far:

2021-07-31T15:45:39.3627355Z Found online and idle hosted runner(s) in the current repository's organization account that matches the required labels: 'ubuntu-latest'
2021-07-31T15:45:39.3627433Z Waiting for a hosted runner in 'organization' to pick this job...
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I also experience this problem very often. Do we have a roadmap item for this issue?

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