Logs and artifacts not available in API for in-progress runs

I’ve been exploring using some of the Actions API endpoints while a build is in progress.

The first thing I noticed is that the List workflow run artifacts endpoint shows an empty array until the run is complete, even if that run has already uploaded artifacts. Is this intentional? Is there a way to download artifacts from outside the runner for a run that is in progress?

The Download job logs for a workflow run endpoint returns “Not Found” for a job that is in progress. This doesn’t appear to be an eventual consistency issue because it’s still the case if the job has been running for a long time. Is this intentional?

The Download workflow run logs endpoint returns a zip file, but it’s actually the previous run’s logs - not the one that’s in progress. Is this a bug or intentional behaviour? I could understand “Not Found” (as above) but I couldn’t really understand why this might be intentional.

So really I’m just keen to know if this is the intended design and unlikely to change, or if these are bugs / works in progress. Thanks!


Hi @aidansteele,

Thank you for reaching this out!

Yes, all of them should be by design. For the 3rd point(workflow run logs), checked on my side, you cannot get the logs when the workflow is in progress. Only when it’s completed, you can get it and the content is not for previous run. Could you please confirm that you used the correct workflow run id?

You cannot get the artifacts if the workflow is still in progress, have to wait it completed.

You cannot get job log until the job(not workflow) completed.


The limitation that artifact IDs aren’t available during a workflow run is a pretty crippling one for automation. Is that something that’ll be resolved in the future?