Logo token, please

The token logo is available for 3 weeks. It hasn’t been approved yet. Excuse me, what’s the problem?

Hi there @nenrgycoin :wave:

Would you mind expanding on your question, here? What approval are you waiting on?

How do you do
STE tokens, data and 3000 TPT are presented for three weeks, no movement, each work to delay, please help to review by a minute! Thank you very much!
Scrip: STE
3000TPTlink:HecoInfo Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | HecoInfo

Hi @nenrgycoin – thanks for clarifying. The repo you linked to is hosted on GitHub, but this forum is typically for assistance with GitHub itself, and not the independently maintained repositories hosted.

So the maintainers of TP-Lab will have to assist. Best of luck!

thanks you nethgato!