Login System problem

Hello, I’m having a problem with my login system. I used text files to read the username and password but it just gives me wrong even I have entered the right one. please help

std_file = open("registered students.txt", "r") #reading the contents in students.txt file
std_records = std_file.readlines()

def login_function():
  print("\nStudent Login")
  studentid = input("studentid: ")
  student_pwd = input("Password: ")

  if login_function == std_records:
      print("\nWelcome Admin!")
      print("\n1. Add Record")
      print("2. Display All Record")
      print("3. Search Specific Record")
      print("4. Sort and Display Record")
      print("5. Modify Record")
      print("6. Exit")

      choice = int(input("\nEnter your choice: "))      
    print("\nWrong credentials!")