Log grouping not working?

I’m trying to use the ::group:: and ::endgroup:: but haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Are there more specific rules around how the title should be formatted? Or something else I may be missing here?

Here’s how it currently looks in the logs…

I also have ::endgroup:: in the output which doesn’t appear, which I assume actually means those lines are being parsed correctly. Is there anything obviously wrong with this? Happy to provide more context.

Thanks in advance!

Is the group title (Outdated)? I’m not sure if parentheses are accepted. Try outdated instead.

It also looks like you print ::group:: on the same line as the log message. Make sure you print the start and end markers on separate lines.

The title I want is the rest of the line after ::group::, so (Outdated) Update countdown.... Parentheses do seem to work with a basic echo (the example above is coming from Go), so there must be something else going on with my output. If I figure out the problem I’ll try to share it here…