Locked out of GitHub account because of weak password not knowing the mail address

GitHub requires me to change my password, because it is too weak. However in order to set a new password I need to verify my mail address and I dont know which address I used for the account. What can I do to find out which address was used?

Furthermore it may even be possibe that I can no longer access that mail account, even If I knew the address (It might have been my universities mail address which I can no longer access)

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Hi @cbncbncnbvb,

from another browser, or fromm incognito mode, you can visit https://github.com/password_reset and try the mail addresses that might have been used. You could also contact support, I don’t think they’ll give you the address, but they may be able to trigger a password reset mail for you if you give them your username.


Thanks for your idea,

If I don’t know the adress, I cannot receive the email. It’s not like I added all the mail adresses I ever used to a single mail client whch automatically fetches emails for all accounts nor that I have a list of all adresses I ever used.

I use many different mail accounts for privacy reasons and I have an algorithm for the password. If I have the adress I can determine the password and use the coresponding webmailer. I never had an issue like this in > 15 years on the web …