"Local" repository via remote SSH?

I am having trouble finding an answer to my exact question, so thought I would ask.

I have a folder on a remote Linux server to which I connect via SSH with an ID and password. I want to manage that folder from my Windows 10 laptop using GitHub Desktop (or equivalent GUI interface) and keep the Linux server folder in sync with a branch on GitHub.

What is the best way to do this?

In a former environment, I did this from my laptop using R-Studio Server installed on the Linux server, but I don’t have that available in my current environment. I thought of mapping a drive in Windows to the network location via SSHFS (or similar), but I don’t have that either. (I have an environment with about 93 target folders on some 40-odd servers using various accounts to sign in, so I would really like to land on a solution that I can maintain and use independently.)

Any guidance or redirects will be appreciated.