Local Action throws not found error - but runs correctly

I’m loading an action from a private repository - the action sends a message using a telegram bot, so i know it’s being executed correctly because i’m recieving the messages, but the job execution log says it was not found:

Error: Can't find 'action.yml', 'action.yaml' or 'Dockerfile' under '/home/runner/work/express-server/express-server/.github/actions/external/telegram_notifier/.github/actions/notifier'. Did you forget to run actions/checkout before running your local action?

And the job is marked as failed accordingly.

this is the job configuration:

    if: always()
    needs: [ build, test, publish ]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Private actions checkout
        uses: daspn/private-actions-checkout@v2
          actions_list: '["roiperlman/telegram_notifier@master"]'
          checkout_base_path: ./.github/actions/external
          app_id: ${{ secrets.APP_ID }}
          app_private_key: ${{ secrets.APP_PRIVATE_KEY }}
          configure_git: true
      - name: notify
        uses: ./.github/actions/external/telegram_notifier/.github/actions/notifier
          message: >
            Workflow Execution Summary:

            📂 Repository: ${{ github.event.repository.name }}

            🔧 Workflow: ${{ github.workflow }}

            ❗ Status: ${{ job.status }}

            Jobs Status:
              ▪️ Build: ${{ needs.build.result }}
              ▪️ Test: ${{ needs.test.result }}
              ▪️ Publish: ${{ needs.test.result }}

also tried adding a step
run: ls ./.github/actions/external/telegram_notifier/.github/actions/notifier

and it shows action.yml is present during execution.

any thoughts on how to solve this error?