Load more conversations link returns 404

I have a pull request with more than 10 convesations. It shows 10 and in the middle it has a box with:

But when I click on the “Load more…” link, it does not load more conversations. It just dismisses the box.

I looked in the javascript console, and I see the request fire when I click the link, and it is returning a 404 from GitHub.


A more complete version of the bad URL:


I tried logging out and logging back in, in case it was an auth issue, but that didn’t make any difference. Others in my org are also seeing the same issue.

Hi @mmorrisson,

This sounds like it might be a browser issue. As a first step, I’d recommend disabling your extensions and seeing if you still experience the same problem. If it persists, I’d recommend contacting our private support team via our contact form. That way, we can get some more account details from you and dive a little deeper to see what the underlying issue may be.

I didn’t change any browser settings, but this seems to be working now.