"Load more" and Issues with a lot of comments

In my project, I have an issue with a lot of complex comments. As more comments were added over time, eventually comments started being hidden from view, and a “Load more …” link appeared in their place. Right now, for example, it says “64 hidden items / Load more …”.

I have two problems with this, one minor and one major:

  • Using the browser’s find-in-page feature does not descend into the hidden items, making it tough to find a comment unless you remember first to “Load more”.
  • But now, starting today, clicking “Load more” no longer works at all. If you click “Load more”, it simply briefly shows the message “Loading”, but it doesn’t actually load the hidden comments.

I don’t think this is a bug in the browser. It does exactly the same thing in both Chrome and in Firefox
on my desktop computer (Linux Mint) and in Chrome on my iPad.

Is there any way to disable this frustrating feature? Any way to work around it, so that I can once again see the comments that now seem to be permanently hidden?

Update: Clicking “Load more” has started working again, thankfully! But I still think that for the other reasons I mentioned, being able to disable the feature entirely would still be helpful.

Hey @rburkey2005 and welcome! I don’t believe disabling that feature is possible. Even though I do understand your need to read the entire conversation, performance-wise it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe there was a temporary hiccup that caused the items not to load for you? If this happens again, you might be able to open up DevTools in your browser (CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12 usually) to see if there are any errors in the Console tab.