Load a PR in Github Desktop for Windows

I can’t figure out how to load a PR someone else has opened into Github Desktop on Windows. On the site, there is a “Open this in GitHub Desktop” link next to the merge button on every PR, but it appears to be hardcoded to the github-mac:// protocol, regardless of my User-Agent, so it doesn’t work at all on Windows. Nor can I find anything in the GitHub Desktop UI for doing this.

I know how to do it manually, of course, by adding the PR requester’s remote, etc, but it seems to me that PR integration would be one of the core pieces of functionality that separates a GitHub client from any of the dozens of plain old Git clients. I refuse to believe it would have such a glaring omission, so I’ll wait for someone to tell me what I’m missing :slight_smile:

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Do you have the latest version of GitHub Desktop installed? That link should be showing as x-github-client://

Additionally, you may want to consult the list of open and closed issues as recommended in the GitHub Desktop README. I didn’t see anything that matched your issue, but you may see something I missed.