Little troubles whit my course GitHub Pages

I was taking the Step 7: Add blog post metadata, but my excercice is not working and i can’t find the trouble

Can anybody help me, please?

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I have left a review of what you need to do to pass the exercise on your code repo. You have to remove the title and the author under the one you added. I hope this help, have a great thanksgiving


Many thanks for your help, I will try those changes. have a great thanksgiving, too.

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I’m still having problems with my source, and i can’t find the trouble.

Can anybody help me?

Hey there @yhalong

I Looked at your progress and it looks like you have been updating the wrong branch. Please take a look at the attachment here to see which branch you have to be updating the file to complete the exercise. Good Luck!

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Thank you very much, let me check, thanks again for your help.
have a nice day!