List workflow runs API not detecting "in_progress" builds

We’re using list-workflow-runs to detect running actions and this stopped working today.

All runs

We can see completed actions

We can’t see in_progress actions

Do we think this could be related to the incident today?


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:wave: Actions engineer here

It’s related to the incident this morning: GitHub Status - Incident on 2021-03-01 09:59 UTC

The workflows API as well as filtering in the UI is experiencing some searching issues that should be resolved tomorrow at the latest. If you even go to the actions tab and try to filter by status, you should even see a message.

If you depend on the API for some critical deployments or something and are blocked, please reach out to support

Thanks for the update. I’ll check it in the morning.


Posted something similar that we started experiencing today with the same “list workflow runs” endpoint: [Bug] GitHub API - List workflow runs returns 0 runs even though there are runs

Only thing different is we’re filtering by branch instead of status.

Wanted to say that we’ve experienced the same problem, which I was investigating last 6 hours. We were querying with status=queued or status=in_progress and one of our processes depended on it. The bug generated ~220 unnecessary triggers for a GH workflow and woke up our CTO at 5am.

It’s still ongoing, although we have a quickfix now. Not nice.

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Seems to back now. We are finding the “in_progress” builds again.

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