List review-requested pull requests for a team

I’ve been using the following to get review-requested pull requests for a user:

search(query: "type:pr state:open review-requested:mcmillion", type: ISSUE, first: 25)

As far as I can remember, this used to also return PRs that requested a review from a team the user was on, but that’s no longer the case.

Is there another way to get this info? Currently, using this search query only returns PRs that the user is specifically request on, which leaves out PRs.

I suspect that what you’re running into is what’s documented in our search help docs:

Requested reviewers are no longer listed in the search results after they review a pull request. If the requested person is on a team that is requested for review, then review requests for that team will also appear in the search results.

Essentially, if a reviewer or a memer of a team reviews a pull request for which that reviewer or team was requested to review, the pull request no longer shows up in the review-requested or team-review-requested searches.

I hope that helps!