List repositories for repos with "outside" affiliation

I’m using the Github REST API v3 and am trying to list all of the repositories that my logged in user (via OAuth) has access to.

My logged in user has a repository where my affiliation is an “outside collaborator” but I’m not sure how to query my user’s information in order to display information for that repository.

Querying the “List your repositories” API (GET /user/repos) doesn’t return the repository in question. Querying the “List your organizations” API (GET /user/orgs) doesn’t return any results either to use with the “List organization repositories” API (GET /orgs/:org/repos).

Is there any other way to query repositories that I am an “outside collaborator”? Perhaps there’s an “affiliation” string that isn’t listed in the docs?

The “List your repositories” API is what you would use to get that information. Try supplying an affiliation value of owner,collaborator,organization\_member and see if that helps.

Let us know.

I was able to get this to work, PEBKAC. I had not given my app sufficient permissions from one of my organizations and I was trying to avoid requesting access. Once I granted myself the right access from the OAuth page everything was working as I expected.

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