List of repos where I am collaborators and watching


I tried looking for an answer for these 2 things I am trying to do but couldn’t find it.

  1. Where in github can i see a list of repos I am collaborating or have access to (including private repos)?
  2. Where in github can i find the list of repos I am watching? Used to be quite easy to find this (i think it was where the list of starred repos were as well. But now I can’t find it).

Specifically I am trying to do this in the web UI.

Thanks for any help.

You can see all the repos you are watching here:

You can see a list of “top repositories” on the left sidebar of your dashboard (GitHub homepage when you are logged in), which are repositories you have specific access to, but also have been active in. I don’t think we have any way of listing specific repositories you have access to.

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Thanks. I see that it is under managed notifications > watched repositories.

I guess I should use the stars for repos i’m interested in as a bookmark.