List of open source image editors

I am a student at the University of Geneva and I am currently working on my master’s thesis about open source localization. I am specifically looking at open source image editors on different platforms, one of them being Github. However, I am finding it difficult to get a comprehensive list of image editors, as there are multiple names for it such as image manipulation program, graphic editor, photo editor, etc.

So far I have used the following search:
“graphic editor” OR “image editor” OR “photo editor” OR “graphic manipulation” OR “image manipulation” OR “photo manipulation” in:description,name state:closed is:public stars:>=50 and have gotten 105 results.

Another problem I encountered was that many repositories in my list are in fact libraries and not standalone programs.

I was wondering whether there is an easier way to get a good representative list of image editors hosted on github, such as is the case for text editors in this collection (

I really appreciate your help!

Kind regards,
Anupama Nedungadi

There are some pixel art tools…

hi! sorry for the late reply. Yes I have seen this topic, however I was hoping for a list with a wider variety of image editors. Thank you for your help though!

I can look around on github, and if I find anything, I will let you know

that’s really nice of you, thanks a lot! I’m new to github :slight_smile:

Will this work?