list all renames in a commit


I would like to know if there is any way to list all variable renames in a project / commit ? (for a self research project)

I mean, can I take a repo (say google/guava) and list all its variables renames in descending order by dates? (or a single commit)

Couldn’t find any close way to do that…



if I did not understand it you want to get the list of variables of a project through all the commits. This is an insanely beautiful project. You must get the repository initial commit and save commit to commit the variables to a list, but not just this, you also want to know what of this variables on the list was a renamed variable. You have to cycle to all of the rows of all of the files of all of the commits of the repository. For example google/guava have in the master branch 4835 commits with maybe 30/40 files with average of 200 rows, so the complexity is something like 38.680.000 cycles without the complexity of search the variable on the list, a method to know if it’s a renamed variable and edit if requires. That’s a fantastic project, I’m not joking. Actually I don’t know how to help you, but I want to be updated in case you want to proceed in this project.


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