Linux on a RK3368 eReader

Hello! There is a new eReader on the market called Boyue Likebook Mars. It has the processor RK3368, so its a Octa-core with 2 Gb of RAM, and it seems very promising, but Boyue did a mess with the firmware, making it so limited. So maybe there is the oportunity to install linux there.

I searched and I found this: . Aparently there are some Android TV Boxes with the same specs, and they can install linux there. I can imagine it should not be so easy as to just install it on the eReader, but maybe more than the half of the work is done with this github project.

Can anyone who understand all this world better than me (not so hard to happen) explain me a little about that possibility? I think maybe the more problematic thing it would be the eInk display.

Thanks in advance to everyone

If you’re trying this out just for fun: go ahead. But if you think this will be a serious way to get work done: that’s not going to happen.

I am just trying to understand it. I hve no idea about how much work it would be need in case of being possible.

If soeone wants to help it would be perfect, if not… bad luck for me!