Links in issue comments

clair restarts repeatedly when there is some issue with vulnerability repos · Issue #14720 · goharbor/harbor · GitHub’ has a link to

When viewed in MS Edge and clicked, it leads to https <colon> <slash> <slash> <slash> goharbor <slash> harbor <slash> issues <slash> url which does not seem right.

The same link text and target mismatch exists in the email notification triggered by the comment that included the link, when the email notification is viewed in MS Outlook, Office 365 edition.

Is this a general issue with or with the goharbor project?

Is this the right place to report issues on the github itself?

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Unless you’re seeing a pattern of this in other places, I suspect it’s just that the person who wrote that comment added the incorrect URL to the link.

It’s easily done - I can add text that is a link, like this, while also assigning a different actual URL.