Linking to respective github repository from dependency graph

Hi, I’m currently experimenting with using maven to manage my dependencies.

Installing the project works fine but I’m somewhat concerned whether or not my dependency graph shows the correct information.

I followed this guide:
“Configuring Apache Maven for use with GitHub Packages” (I can only add two links to this post; I’m sorry :wink: )

Most dependencies such as gson, jetty etc. I currently use are clickable in the dependencies section of the dependency tree and lead to the respective github repo. My own dependencies for which I have setup their own repositories and added packages for however only show up as: “groupId:artifactId” and are not clickable. I tried this with private as well as public dependcies. (But my dependents are private at least for now)

So far I’ve experimented with adding a tag and adding a tag to the dependencie’s pom.xml.

These two questions seem kind of related but due to a lack of information (or understanding on my side) I’m not sure whether or not the packages are hosted on github (doesn’t seem like they are):

I do not want to offend anyone but at least for me both of the answers don’t seem very helpful (and at least in the second post, it’s just a guess). But that might just be me not having enough understanding of the inner workins of maven and/ or package distribution.

The repo I want to use as a dependency is currently public, however this is just the case for testing purposes. Therefore I’d appreciate if one could provide a general answer independent from my repo as its going to be deleted.

I’d like to know whether linking is even possible and which parts of both pom.xml (dependent & dependency) I’d have to add to do this.

Thank you in advance. If you need additional information, feel free to ask for further information.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to add information to my post by replying, but I can’t find an option to edit the original:

I’ve just found this post and I’m thinking that it’s probably related. Before I didn’t even notice that downloading a package via Maven required authentication as my primary PC already has authentication setup for publishing.

This leads me to the conclusion that github is probably not able to read the meta-information in the pom.xml of the dependency and therefore can’t read the <url> tag.

Feel free to prove me wrong but I think that mentioned issue has to be resolved before the link can show up.

Hi @jojomatik that’s correct. Without anonymous (unauthenticated public package pulling), the link will not show up.

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