Linking to code across repos

I was taking a read of github dot com: /en/github/writing-on-github/working-with-advanced-formatting/creating-a-permanent-link-to-a-code-snippet#linking-to-code and this works great WITHIN the same repo, so I can select the “Reference in new issue” by selecting this from the ellipsis that appears next to the selected text.

Now this works great within the same repo, so an example URL is

But, if I try and use this link in another repo, creating an issue outside of the source code, the URL doesn’t expand so for e.g.

Is there a way of forcing this?

I have gotten around this by taking a screenshot, but this seems a very clumsy way of achieving a similar outcome - what I wanted to achieve (sans screenshot) can be viewed in

@tcbyrd any suggestions for me?