Linking to an issue without creating a reference

Is there a way to include a link in a commit message or PR that doesn’t create a reference on the target repository?

Say I’m developing a project at bstinsonmhk/foo and I rely on a library anotheruser/bar, Can I link to anotheruser/bar/issues/1234 without it showing up in their comment stream? They may not care that I’m referencing their issue for my own administrative purposes. 


No, there isn’t a way to prevent that cross-linking from occurring. On the flip side, that cross-link event is only visible to the people that have access to the repository from which the link originated. So if you link to a public repository from a private repository of your own, the only people that will be able to see the link event is yourself and whomever you grant access to your private repository.

I hope that helps!


Linking without references would be a useful feature.

I currently resort to just naming PRs by number without linking anymore (which is stupid).

I don’t want to cause a reference upstream when just prototyping something and I mention the related upstream issue.

On projects I maintain we also get stupid references like this in the discussion stream which just makes it harder to follow what’s important.

It has gotten to a point where I often ignore references, simply because > 90% of them are accidental.

I think cross-repo links also shouldn’t produce a reference in discussion stream by default.


I am recently bumping into this (literally today), would like to see this feature as a configuration.