Linking issues to releases

It’d be great to have a way to link issues and PRs that were included in a given release (tag).
There are two main problems we’d like to solve at the moment:

  1. Identify which of the merged PRs / Closed issues are included in the next release (some PRs can be merged after the release tag has been created and available for customers)
  2. Given a random issue / PR, have a quick way to know which release has been included in (we are using a git command now based on the commit id).

To share a bit more context, I guess our workflow is not very special and should be similar to those working 100% on Github:

  • We’d like to transition Issues to “In progress” when a PR is created and linked.
  • We’d like to keep the issue open and move to “Ready for Release” when the PR is merged
  • We’d like to close the issue when the release tag has been completed and the linked PR is part of the release

A lot of opportunities to automate all of these and the default workflow and automation in columns is not matching the way we work today.
Any feedback or tip would be much appreciated.