Linking from one pdf to another on github - problem!

I am trying to put a small mathematical pseudo Obsidian on my GitHub site.Since does not display math, I converted the files to pdf. Using a pdf editor I edited the link to the appropriate absolute url on github. When I click the link inside a local pdf, it takes me to the correct github page. But when I try this from the uploaded pdf, nothing happens. I also tried it with relative urls for files within the same folder. Does not work either.

if you can have sample links and screenshots, because you don’t have the public repos,

what I’m thinking is that since it’s private, it will not work even when you access that without log in

I am not sure that I understand your reply. The repo is public, and the pdf file, I am talking about is: Uncertainty.pdf is accessible

I tested the same thing

it’s the same behavior, GitHub renders it as image, that’s why if one link that should be working when you download it, it will not on GitHub because it’s rendered as image

but if you download it first then open again in Chrome, it’s not on GitHub anymore, the links will work

so, my solution is turn the repo as GitHub Page, so you will be opening it not on GitHub repo, but rather as a page, like this,

the links are working

Thank you, that is helpful. The p[roblem is, when I download the pdf file, then the link works. So what that suggests is that the file is stored as pdf, but on github displayed as image.
Do you know if mathjax would work within a github .md file?

you may want to check this out

Thanks a lot. I will try that.