Linking C# script to web based event trigger

Hi everyone,

I’ll try to keep the question short. I’m Dan, engineering student, quite new to coding.

I made a script in Visual Studio, C# .NET that uses Excel API to preform certain tasks. At the moment i run the script manually by clicking on a formsbutton, but i want to run it by a external input (trigger) from the web. The input will be given by Power Automate, i see i do things with HTTP and webhooks there, but i dont understand how to use it. Everytime i google on webhooks or HTTP i see GitHub come up, so maybe this is a tool to accomplish my goal. If i’m completely off let me know, but i got to standstill with my project so decided to ask here.

In short; i want to connect my C# script to run on a web based event trigger (coming from Power Automate)