Link to sensitive data removal request


Can anyone provide me with a URL to the actual report sensitive data form? I seem to be in a loop on the contact page where I can only see a form for a DMCA takedown request. My request relates to sensitive data in a number of developer repositories that I need to resolve.

Your help is appreciated.


I am having the same issue!

Thank you for reaching out here on this and welcome to the community!

Does the contact form hyperlinked in this section load successfully for you: How to Submit Sensitive Data Removal Request? That would be the contact form that you’ll need to use.
Let us know if that helps.

It loads yes, but only goes back to When you click on the appropriate tile it just gives you the support article, no actual link to raise a contact form request to get sensitive data removed. I politely ask you to look at this as a matter of urgency, this is a sensitive data issue that is within your control.

Yikes! That’s not right. That is not how it’s supposed to work and I can see it’s already being addressed.

You can select this tile in order to submit your request Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 08.29.55

And then submit your ticket. Sorry about the confusion.

I did that, I believe I was referred back to the broken method.

Please try it again. That particular tile worked on my test account, so it should be fine.

Sorry, I have used the remove data from personal repository tile. When I received the response back from support, they referred me back to the broken method for reporting sensitive data. I’m a security responder, I don’t have time to chase this, I’ll wait till support have fixed the loop.

I’ve just had a look. I can see where sending the links is unhelpful, but the part they are pointing you to specifically is there is a formatting requirement for submitting these requests. They are often onerous jobs, so the correct format will help speed things along.

Your Request Must Include:

  1. A working, clickable link to each file containing sensitive data. (Note that we’re not able to work from search results, examples, or screenshots.)

  2. Specific line numbers within each file containing the sensitive data.

  3. A brief description of how each item you’ve identified poses a security risk to you or your organization. It is important that you provide an explanation of how the data poses a security risk beyond merely stating that it does.

  4. If you are a third party acting as an agent for an organization facing a security risk, include a statement that you have a legal right to act on behalf of that organization.

  5. OPTIONAL: Let us know if your request is particularly urgent, and why. We respond to all sensitive data removal requests as quickly as possible. However, if this request is especially time-sensitive, such as a very recent credential exposure, please explain why.

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Sure, I fully understand that, and appreciate that giving the correct advice is conducive to an efficient outcome. Hopefully when the link is fixed I can get things sorted.

Sorry if I was unclear. Your ticket is with the correct team and they just need you to reformat your request and reply with the requested details to the email they sent you.

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Is there anyways to check my ticket? I haven’t received a response and also ran into the same problem. I formatted everything correctly and used the “Remove data from a repository I own or control” because I couldn’t find/access the sensitive data request form.

If you haven’t seen the reply yet, please check all your email folders and filters!

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