Link to a specific file in latest release

For the auto-update feature of my installer to work, I need a stable URL pointing to an “updates.xml” file, always in the latest release.
According to ,
the latest release has the suffix /releases/latest (and it works), and the link to a specific file in the latest release should be of the form /owner/name/releases/latest/download/

However, that part does not seem to work, because I’m getting a 404 on

I noticed that links to a file in a specific release has the last two parts swapped (‘download’ before version), like the following:
… /releases/download/0.2.0/updates.xml (works)
so based on that observation, I tried:
… /releases/download/latest/updates.xml
but it doesn’t work either.

What is the correct way to point to the “updates.xml” file in my latest release ?

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OK, got it !
When Github says it points to the latest release, they really mean “Release”, not “Pre-release”.
I had created a release but as it was still early, I had tagged it “Prerelease”, so there was no “Release”, so no “latest release”, hence the 404.
I guess you learn something every day :slight_smile: