Link not showing up but appears in code

I wonder if I stepped on policy when I uploaded this line of code.

The Outsiders a book about a rumble.

I wanted to recommend a book on my page @ slushpile repository I am in the beta phases of putting together a point and I just need some social work to pin down the details of my system and then I am going to be going to a dot com but for now I am resolutely aware that I can understand if that line of code is controversial. It’s a link to an amazon book but could I ask for an exception? it’s one link to one socially relevant book the greaser and the soc’s in the outsiders and it’s as relevant today as ever and i think you can appreciate my standard design fleshed out with non standard content.

I just wanted to check in it shows up on my local it shows up in the code repository but it does not show up on the page and i can understand if it’s dubious code.


I was checking your site deployed on GitHub Pages but it’s too long, I can see there, other links that are not showing,

in my experience, if I embed a site on another site, sometimes it’s the website server that will not allow it to be embedded on another site, like the message, connection refused,

in your case you can simply review all GitHub Terms if you are really into it,

if ever you are really concerned, you can simply have your own domain and rent a server on Amazon, which will tailor your needs, there are low-budget subscriptions being offered by AWS, so you don’t need to worry about the terms given by GitHub,

that’s actually the most common problem just like blogging sites when terms of service is in conflict with their needs, so others feel safer by simply getting their own cloud server and domain,