Link markdown not working in tag/release notes

Hi, Im trying to add a link to our tag notes like:

[View full changelog](

but the result come out like:

The link does work but as you can see its not rendered properly.

If I can provide additional info that might be helpful, please let me know.


Is the repo you are talking about public or do you know any public repo that has the same problem?

Thanks for the response @mpboom. The one in the OP is a private one but Ive just tested with a public one at (see release v0.2.0) and its the same issue.

I also just noticed when you click on the release tag, on both private and public, the link is completely gone.

For example displays as:

“View full changelog” with no hyperlink.

GitHub visualizes “releases” in two ways essentially. When you create a tag, GitHub shows that as a release but there isn’t a release object in GitHub’s database. If you want to create Markdown release notes for a release, you have to create a tag and then create a release object for it and add release notes. The tag that you linked to is annotated but that isn’t treated by GitHub as Markdown, only raw text. To show the difference:

You can find out more starting at Creating releases in our help docs.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks @lee-dohm! That explains exactly what I was missing.