Link forked repos to projects

Is there a reason forks can’t be linked to projects?
All I could find is this answer saying you need to create a new repo to link it to a project.

I have lots of forks and I’d like to organize them.

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By “forks”, are you referring to the upstream repository, in which you clicked the Fork button, and is owned by a different account? I ask this, because although I do seem able to link forks owned by my account, the interface does not allow linking the upstream repository despite my access as a collaborator.

However, it does not seem necessary to link your repositories in order to add issues to projects, although it does make them easier to locate in the search, since unchecking the option Only show results from linked repositories can flood lots of old and irrelevant ones.

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The forks are owned by me, but not the upstream repos.
e.g. I forked wayback-machine-downloader.

The upstream is hartator/wayback-machine-downloader.
My copy is ConorSheehan1/wayback-machine-downloader.

I want to add ConorSheehan1/wayback-machine-downloader to a project, but I can’t find a way to do that.
As soon as I type w into the search bar I get no results.

If I type c I get a list of original repos, but no forks.


Have you tried adding issues as cards to the project without linking the repositories? [You’ll need to enable Issues in the fork, first; it seems they are not enabled currently in the example you gave]