Link assets in organization/user profile README on the mobile app?

I am trying to set up an organization profile and use assets from the same repository.
Using relative paths from the to the assets seems to work for the repository preview of the file, but doesn’t work on the rendered profile on the organization page. Absolute paths work on both, but unfortunately the assets aren’t showing up in the mobile GitHub app.

Here is the organization: phocus · GitHub
And here the .github repositorys profile directory: .github/profile at main · phocus/.github · GitHub

Is there any way to display assets from the same repository in an organization/user profile?

Edit: here is how it looks on mobile

colors/red_normal.png only works in preview, not in profile or mobile
/profile/colors/red_normal.png only works in preview and profile, not on mobile works everywhere

Although the last solution works, and I am using it for now, this can’t be the intended way, since the first 2 solutions work in some cases, which makes me think they are intended to work everywhere?