Link a .html file on one github repo to another github repo

Hi everyone,
I recently set up a personal repo on and on on my site, wanted to link a .html document ( from the covid project repo of mine to my personal repo under the “projects link”. (
Does anyone know how I can do this? I tried the simple [document name](link to document) technique, but it would not open the linked url.

Hello @cheryltky,

Since the file you want to link to is located in another repository, you’ll have to include that repo’s name as a sub directory in the URL. Example:

If you were to create a link with markdown, it’d look like this.

[Covid-19 Global Data Visuals](

or this, which is shorter and more flexible, because if cloned locally it’d refer to the local file and not the online file.

[Covid-19 Global Data Visuals](/covid19/covid19stats.html)
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