"linguist-vendored=false" not working

I’m trying to configure linguist to exclude files from my project. I have read this page, but maybe I don’t understand it:


My .gitattributes file is here:


The files src/examples/javadiptraceasciilib/*.asc are data files that are very big and of no interest for statistics.

The folders ‘findbugs’, ‘checkstyle’ and ‘coverage’ are third party software that’s included to validate the code and therefore should not be included in the statistics.

When I go to this page and looks at the languages, I see a lot of files that shouldn’t be there.


What am I doing wrong?

Hi @danielb987,

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Lines 6-8 in your .gitattributes file are actually doing the opposite of what you want. linguist-vendored=false means it will not be vendored; you want to have linguist-vendored.

Additionally, the only *.asc file being counted is src/examples/javadiptraceasciilib/Layers.asc, and that’s becuase it’s not actually included in the .gitattributes file.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! Now it works as I want it to work.