Limits for secrets


the GitHub documentation for Secrets says the following:
“You can store up to 1,000 secrets per organization, 100 secrets per repository, and 100 secrets per environment. A workflow may use up to 100 organization secrets and 100 repository secrets. Additionally, a job referencing an environment may use up to 100 environment secrets.”

In an organization with, for example, 500 repositories, should each repository only have a maximum of two secrets?


ok, we have tested the limits:
organization limits = 1000, but only 100 of them are displayed (GitHub bug!?)
repository limits = 100, but the total of all repository secrets can be over 1000

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Does it mean, that the the documentation should say
“ You can store up to 1,000 secrets on organisation level” ?

“Total number of secrets on repository level is unlimited, but individual repository can’t have more than 100 secrets”

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… yes, I think the addition “level” makes it easier to understand