Limit to number of collections?

has anyone really pushed the limits on collections?

I’m using Minimal Mistakes (MM) to publish the contents of a discord server I run: infominer33/SourceCrypto

I’ve been enjoying the collections feature for a few months, and was migrating some updated content over from discord (exported to html via Tyrrrz/DiscordChatExporter/).

Because my collections are growing, I organized them differently into 12 categories.

Then the navigation broke. So I tore the whole website apart, (assuming for a while that my problem was in naviation.yml) deleted everything but my content and configuration files and used clean fresh copies of all MM files.

I found and fixed a lot, from there. Eventually I took out my collections and their configuration in config.yml, and my navigation came back.

I reduced the number of collections to 9, lo and behold, everything works!!!

Of course I skipped a few steps, and I’ll tell you up front that my commit messages are not very useful, and all of this came about because I didn’t build and test the updated collections locally, before deploying.

ummm… so, now that I’ve scolded myself… can anyone tell me if they know anything about a limit to collections. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I just tested a blog w 9 collections.

When I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll add another collection to test and get some precise measurements here.

However, I feel confident saying that a blog feed + 9 collections is the limit. It could be something w Minimal Mistakes…

hard to say, I guess most people aren’t using static site generators to manage more than a blog feed and a few pages… maybe a portfolio\cv…

I’m having fun with it.

I don’t know if there’s a limit to the number of collections, but glad to hear you’re having fun with it! :grinning:

You may want to check out to see if there are other people reporting problems with large numbers of collections.

I hope that helps!

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