Limit Organisation Members based on email domain


         Is there a way to limit the members, of an organisation , to user / add an email address only for a specific domain to their accounts. Is this a feature maybe available with the Enterprise version of Github ?

Thank you

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Hi @udplume,

Thanks for being here! Each users account is considered a personal account that may contain information or email addresses that are not associated with your organization. For that reason we are unable to share the email addresses of the users who have access to your organization. The email addresses are also not exposed to organization owners.

Again, by default email addresses are private information, so you’ll need to get each user’s permission to see them. If you require this information I would suggest creating an OAuth app to do that:

You would ask each user to authorize the application so that you can view their private email addresses. You’ll need to make sure you use the user:email scope:

Another option is to inform your users to specify a public email address at, based on your domain specific requirement.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @andreagriffiths11 , Thank you for the response. All that information is very useful. However, if I understand right, there is no way to limit what email domain that user can add to their profile? they could have a company email address, but also have another personal email account associated to their profile or account ?

That’s correct.