limit of 1000 API requests in an hour

This makes it very hard for us to run end-to-end tests in github actions. are there any workarounds? Otherwise we have to switch to other CI providers.

Can you share more about how you’re using the API? What calls are you making?

We have two types of API calls:

  1. API calls to our backend database

  2. API calls to for blockchain transactions

For example, in a test, we first do a fetch API calls to our backend to get user data (such as user’s ethereum address) and transaction history. Then we call infura to fetch latest data for user’s ethereum addresses which involes two calls per token:(1) get eth balance (2) get erc20 token balance. We support up to 30 tokens, which requires 60 API calls.

Then we send out blockchain transactions for each token type by calling infura API, and then poll infura API to wait till transaction is confirmed, this requires roughly 10 calls per transaction. This takes 30*10 = 300 calls

In summary, for a single test case, we require > 360 external API calls. and we have around 80 test cases.

Thanks! I was originally thinking you were being rate limited by our REST API.

Could you send me the error message you’re getting for this from Actions? 

We received the following

console.log src/tests/e2e/jest-environment-puppeteer/custom.setup.js:33

    Error: Network Error

    at createError (http://localhost:3001/static/js/0.chunk.worker.js:644:15)

from our webpage with no explicity error description, from the following test:

We were suspecting that it was due to external API call limit, so we contacted github support and received:

Thank you for reaching out to GitHub Support!

The limit of 1000 API requests in an hour across all actions within a repository is for all API calls – GitHub and external API calls.