Lighthouse CI and Github Action failing

Hi. I am trying to setup Github Action to make Lighthouse CI show scores on every commit but am getting following error and not sure how to resolve it. Any help appreciate on how can this be resolved:

Any help appreciated


I noticed the following error/warning messages from the logs of your workflow run.

No GitHub token set, skipping GitHub status check.
. . .
/home/runner/work/_temp/ line 3: env:: command not found

The root cause of the problems is a format error in your workflow file.
When you defined the environment variable “LHCI_GITHUB_APP_TOKEN”, you added some extra white space characters at the start of the lines that cause the two lines for the “env” definition are recognized as two command lines for the “run” step. This also explains why it says “No GitHub token set”.

The “env” key should be aligned with the “run” and “name” keys. You need to remove the extra white space characters (not all, only remove the extra) from the lines for the “env” definition.

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Thanks a lot @brightran - Lord Bless You