Light mode is darker than dark mode

I use the chrome dark mode flag (chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark) so everything is entirely dark(background is completely black and not partial dark) including webpages and Google Searches

This is how it looks for me normally.
So light mode looks like this

And dark mode looks like this

The dark mode theme makes it greener and less darker. Light theme with chrome flag is darker than dark mode. Please make it entirely dark instead of partially dark(green) in dark mode.

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Thanks for sharing the feedback @ShobanChiddarth! This has been highly requested in a few other threads, such as this one for a theme with more contrast or one for a pure black mode for OLED screens. This dark mode is just the beginning so we appreciate the feedback and look forward to sharing additional themes with the community in the future!

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Yea, thanks. And I would also like to see the dark mode in this community, thanks!

Community uses a separate platform so we can’t sync it with your GitHub profile settings at the moment but the Community team did add support for enabling dark mode by going to profile preferences tab in the profile dropdown and then selecting preferences. On that page you’ll see a dropdown for theme!