Licensing the PH7 project

I am new to this project of a free license with the PH7 dating social script can anyone tell me what is a clone of the respritory i am confused and would like to learn. I have installed PH7 CMS back a few months ago on one of my servers. I am concerned about how i would get a free license. Or can anyone help me to get this running with a free license.

Regards Vinny  

Hi @vinny1962,

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I also want to mention that, if you’re looking for support for a particular project hosted on GitHub you’ll definitely want to check out the project’s repository README, and their profile to see if they provide contact information for support. Oftentimes, you can get help faster by reaching out to the project maintainer(s) directly, rather than posting to the GitHub Community Forum at large.

I think this might be the project you’re talking about: 

It looks like they provide information on how to reach out to them with questions here:

Best of luck!

Well thanks for the links i fully understand what you are saying about the project although i did try reaching our to the developer of this software and at one time the license was 399.00 i was willing to pay for it althoughh now it is free with a clone of the respiratory. I never did this one although i want to learn thanks.



Hi Vinny,

I see! Well, if you’re looking for information on how to clone a repository from GitHub, you can find full instructions in our Help docs here