License Violation

I recently made a repository with an AGPL license. A person cloned it, did changes, built the binary and didn’t commit the code to his account. When I asked him to adhere to the AGPL, he denied and when another contributor asked him to do so, he forked another repo from my account, changed its name and readme and said he was adhering the the license. Now he is denying any further requests and he blocked me on telegram.

Person accused:
His repo:

Well GitHub changed my username to gargak**bleep** in the post, it is gargaksh(i)t without the (). Sorry, my name is aksh(i)t

Hi @gargakshit!

We apologize for the catch in the filter.  I’ve edited the post and hyperlink so that it loads correctly now.

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Thanks :). Looks like my name has spam issues :upside_down_face:

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You could pursue this with the GPL.