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On in the optional steps section it talks about " If you would like your project to adopt the GPL-3.0’s cure provision, add the text of the GPL Cooperation Commitment to a file named COMMITMENT in the same directory as your GPL-2.0 license file." and I was wondering what would change if I added/had the Commitment compared to not adding/having it?

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While we have created the site to give a broad overview of the choices one has in licensing a project, we are not able to give legal advice. If you have questions about what licensing agreements mean or obligate you to, we suggest that you contact your own legal counsel.

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But wont a legal counsel cost money I dont really wanna pay for a simple thing like this all I wanna know is what this changes I already know what gpl v2 is but not what the commitment changes.

Regardless of how simple the request may seem, we’re neither qualified to nor allowed to give legal advice of any kind. And yes, giving you an interpretation of what something means legally definitely qualifies as “legal advice”.

I understand that this is disappointing. Unfortunately, our policy is quite strict on this point.

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You can read an introductory text about what the GPL Cooperation Commitment is at the link you provided:

but you should always bare in mind that the actual legal text of the license is what ultimately matters (i.e. if you end up in a dispute in court):

@lee-dohm is right about the fact that explaining a license amounts to legal advise. You’ll need to consult a lawyer for various reasons, the most obvious one being that he/she will be professionally qualified to do so, and with your best interests in view, but also because licenses are indeed subject to legal interpretations according to the laws of the country — which means that the laws of different countries might have an impact on how a license might be interpreted in the court of a given country, due to the local context (which is why many EULAs explicitly state in which country any legal dispute will be settled, in case of breaches of contract).

EDIT — FYI @Matthew-H-CT, you might want to ask license-related questions on Open Source Stack Exchange or on Law Stack Exchange, two dedicated forums on legal matters, where you’ll find legal experts (from various countries) willing to discuss similar legal topics:


thanks so much for provideing those links they helped me a lot.