License problem reporting

how can I report to GitHub a license problem in a project.

For example: GPL project is cloning and declared as Apache-2.0 conform like


What do you expect GitHub to do? (Especially with a project thats been idle for 11+ years.)

Why not just open an issue requesting clarification/change from the author/owner.

I looking for an answer for my question, how to do… - I don’t want to search for an actual project with issue. Also, what is todo if project owner not change or answer?

thx for your response

It’s not a problem for GitHub, they’re not a license enforcement organization.

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Thanks - the license check and viral license problems come so over developer. Not nice!

You can report GPL license violations via:

You do realize that GH recognizes files like “license” or “”, but not “LICENSE-2.0.txt”, right? It isn’t a “problem”, rather the project’s creator didn’t put a recognizable file name in the repo. Nothing is wrong here.

I believe the problem the original poster was getting at is that the software states it is GPL (readme etc) but then the repo has an APL 2 license file.

Isn’t incorrectly changing the license a copyright violation? In that case, I think GitHub should actually step in and delete the repo. And such content would probably qualify as ‘unlawful’ and therefore violate GitHub ToS.

I think the correct point to report such content if you’re not the Copyright owner would be here:

While you can probably DMCA it after consulting with your lawyer if you are the Copyright owner here:

(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so I might be wrong on all of this)