LICENSE inside docs not detected


Putting this into uncategorized because it’s not something I can’t fix myself, just a dull thing that happens.

I created a new repo through the commandline with gh, but because I provided a source it wouldn’t let me specify a license. So I verbatim cp’d LICENSE into docs, created the repo and commited.

It’s been about two hours or so, the repo is still not detected as being under GPL.

Just to make sure, I ran licensee.

(suck is what I alias the browser, ignore that)

So, what gives? docs is pretty standard AFAIK, it __should__ be searched. Heck, it was searched to find README so why it hasn’t found LICENSE too is beyond me.

*sigh* this just isn’t right.

Of course I can delete the file, go into the site, create an exact copy through the add license button and make an additional commit to add a file that was already there to beg with. And I’ll still put it in docs.

So yeah I guess I’ll do that but I really don’t think I should have to. Is there a good reason why this happens or is it just to mess with me? Hehe.

Anyhoo, that’s it from me. Cheers.