LGTM analysis errors after LGTM upgrade


Recently LGTM was apparently upgraded as it’s generating errors that weren’t there before. Since recently, we’re getting This attribute is duplicated here. errors. However, the code being analyzed is an HTML template and it’s tripping over template opening and closing tags (the standard tags for Template toolkit: [% and %]). An example of the error can be found here: LGTM

This error dropped our LGTM rating from A to B, because we went from 0 to 17 detected errors…

Would be nice if you could have a look at this!

Unrelated: Wow. I’m being considered a new user, even though I have over a hundred thousand changed lines and more than 8 years of github dot com user history! Can’t even include a third link to discuss dot lgtm dot com ?? That’s harsh!



This issue may help, but it primarily involves Django templating, not Template Toolkit.