LFS storage not updated in billing pack

after learning that I require LFS extension to push large files into git, I purchased a LFS data pack which allows me to have 50GB storage for LFS. however, after pushing a file that is ~500MB, there is no update on the storage used under billing even though I can see the file on GitHub web.

is the storage size under billing not supposed to reflect the amount used? if so, how do I know how much storage I have used for LFS?

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It sounds like you haven’t yet used the free LFS allowance of 1 GB storage and 1 GB bandwidth, so billing wouldn’t have kicked in just yet.

Every account using Git Large File Storage receives 1 GB of free storage and 1 GB a month of free bandwidth.

If you want to read more about how that will work, there’s an explanation here about what kinds of actions use storage vs bandwidth.