Letting Github Desktop Through Firewall


My Windows Defender Firewall blocks GitHub Desktop on Windows 10 Home edition. I have version 2.9.0 of GitHub Desktop. I want it to be able to connect to the internet and download GitHub repositories, as well as update itself. Nothing more for this moment.

How can I configure the firewall to allow this?


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There are multiple ways to do it, from navigating the list of recent Defender messages and then clicking on the one regarding GH Desktop, or from the taskbar Notifications (same manner), to opening Defenders panel. Here are two links on the latter, one video the other a text tutorial:

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Your suggestions were of great help and they worked.

I would like to add something just for the general knowledge about how things work in the world.

I also asked the same question to a Silicon Valley company for help to allow their software through the firewall. I am paying for their services.

They were misleading me for 3 days in several messages, until I solved the problem with the instructions you gave me here. I don’t pay for your services and pay for theirs. Anyway, you helped me and they didn’t.

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This usually happens because of company policies and the unwillingness of taking responsibility for any potential damaging consequences resulting for customer applying their advise on a PC (things can always go wrong, after all). So custom services usually prefer to play it safe and stick to some general advise which shifts responsibility away from them for anything that isn’t directly affecting their services.

But often, the real problem is that many competent and experienced software engineers end up being opposed by company policies, management directives and expectation, so much so that ultimately they end up locking their passion in a drawer and play by the policy, instead of trying to convince managers of what’s best for their product and customers.

Luckily, there’s the open source community, where it’s easy to obtain sincere and uncensored advise and support.