Legacy Account Platinum to Teams migration what do we gain/lose

So, we have a Legacy Github Platinum organisational account and I can’t really find any direct feature comparisons anywhere between the old legacy account and the new accounts and I’d definitely like to know what we’re losing in case we use that feature.
I expect that there are others out there in the same boat who won’t upgrade because they don’t know what they are going to lose, or rather, they don’t know if they switch whether they are going to get stung by needing to pay for the Enterprise user accounts rather than the Teams user accounts and stay with what they know.

Up until the price drop to $4 p/m it wasn’t worth us changing to the Teams accounts because we would have paid more p/m due to the number users we have vs private repos, but now we’re at the point that we could save some money from switching. One of the main benefits of switching is that we could remove some user accounts by switching our CI to Github Actions and also save some money on the CI running costs too.

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It’s been a while since I looked at the legacy plans, but I’ve just had a deep dive through our large internal spreadsheet of features/plans. There are no listed features that are available on legacy plans that aren’t available on Team.

That said, because Team will have more features, some things may work differently. We stopped offering new features on legacy plans quite some time ago.

If there are particular workflows you want to ask about, that might be a more functional way to explore the differences.

If this is causing a bunch of anxiety, would it be worth creating a test organisation on the Team plan and re-creating a typical workflow on it? you can always clone and upload one of your repositories to test with. That might be an inexpensive way to get a thorough test run before committing.

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Thanks for that. I only saw one feature that we have that I don’t really mind going and that’s the Audit Log under settings (I believe that this now Enterprise only) which is what prompted the question of what else would we no longer have access to which is now Enterprise only.

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Oh! The audit logs are available to organisation owners on all plans in the settings menu.

Enterprise plans allow admins to use the API to access their audit logs, allowing them to download and retain that information.

Okay, well, that’s just my misreading into the feature sets then.

Many thanks for your prompt replies :slight_smile: